Site Construction Layout

TerraViz provides critical solutions to the construction industry. From site layout to foundation and steel erection, the first professional on a construction site is the surveyor and the last professional is the surveyor tasked to provide the as-built conditions survey and plan preparation. From conception to completion of a project, we provide services that enable the construction contractors to accurately place utilities, storm sewer systems, sanitary sewer facilities, roadways and buildings. Our staff uses not only the latest in robotic surveying equipment and GPS technology but pools the vast experience of our decades of staff experience. We pride ourselves in our staff’s ability to read and understand plans that are available on site and may have had a breakdown in the electronic format. We will not send a surveyor into the field who cannot dialogue with the site planners, engineers, architects and the inspectors on the project. Project leaders have come to rely on our ability to foresee any problems with plan design conflicts that may otherwise not be recognized by a less qualified project surveyor. A TerraViz project surveyor is much more than a simple layout crew, they are critical members of a project’s team.