Construction projects require effective planning, from initial design to final inspection and commissioning. TerraViz Geospatial’s wide range of design and construction support services have proven to enhance our client’s ability to meet schedules and budgets while providing differentiating value. TerraViz Geospatial understands the importance of contributing to our client’s value chain by responding to architects, engineers and contractors demands to providing reliable surveying and 3D scanning in a timely and cost effective manner. We continually look for opportunities to enhance our deliverables in an effort to add value for our clients.

Our use of Lidar and laser scanning, along with our ability to quickly and cost effectively transform point cloud data to Revit and Civil 3D files, make us an excellent partner for your construction projects. Whether your project is a complex interior or exterior renovation, or a green field new construction project, we have the expertise to provide support through technology enhanced surveying and scanning.

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